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How do you keep 135 projects in different stages of chaos organized?

Experience, keeping the process simple and a constant eye for the troublemakers.

Troublemakers are projects that are controlled by Murphy’s Law. They can happen anytime, anywhere and on any project. After all, the client has a deadline which must be met and is also on budget. Period.

Our workflow process is simple.
The project is discussed with the project manager and the client, either in person, by phone, e-mail or package. A work order is written up explaining the details of the project, deadlines, where the finished art needs to be sent and which graphics team will work on it. The detailed work order is sent to the Customer Service Representative (CSR) for schedule documentation and then sent to our talented graphics team.

Depending on the complexity of the graphic development, this will determine the length of time needed to finish and the size of the graphics team. Proofs are sent either by email PDF or online via our website and are numbered to control graphics changes to artwork. Final art and/or product is either sent to MediaDirect’s print/mail division, digital marketing division or per client’s shipping instruction.