FALL 2009

A&M’s Producer Seminar: “Playing the Litigation Game”

The Producer CE Seminar held in Carson and sponsored by A&M for the IBA West Long Beach and South Bay Associations received high reviews from the producers attending.  The only criticism was they would have liked to have had two hours rather than one so more examples of actual E&O claims could be reviewed and preventative measures discussed.

Ms. Kristi Dean, Attorney and Principal, of Stone / Rosenblatt / Cha Law Office conducted the seminar.  Ms. Dean is a skilled trial lawyer who represents business clients in business disputes and focuses on complex litigation matters and litigates cases in both State and Federal Court.  She is knowledgeable in all phases of the insurance business having insurance companies, agents and wholesale brokers as her clients.

After the formal presentation, attendees were able to have discussions with the A&M personnel and Ms. Dean plus the opportunity to enjoy some delicious hors d’oeuvres and sample some great wine.

A&M plans to conduct more of these CE seminars.  If your local association would like to provide your members a CE seminar, please contact Will Hullinger at 800-234-6977 Ext. 211 or

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Flood & Mud
  After the Fires Come the Mudslides and Floods
The recent Station Fire in Los Angeles, the La Brea Fire in Santa Barbara and the Lockheed Fire in Santa Cruz made August 2009 an early and bad fire season. The resulting devastation of vegetation brings the danger of possible mudslide and flood to the many residents in the burned areas. All it takes to trigger a disastrous flow of water and mud are some heavy rains this fall and winter. A possible El Nino condition has been predicted, which unfortunately may make this a reality.

Your homeowner customers can be protected by purchasing a Flood policy that covers flood and mudslide caused by rain. Flood insurance can’t be purchased at the last minute as it has a 30 day waiting period, so now is the time to act.

We make it easy for you to protect your insured and your E&O. All you have to do is get a free Flood quote from A&M and contact your insured. Once sold, Flood Insurance will be a good source of income with little work. Because we direct bill, all you have to do is cash your commission check.

Do you clients know that their homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover flood?  Do they think, “it can’t happen here?” Read this article and think again:

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What is a Mudslide?

This is the definition of a mudslide from the National Flood Insurance Program:

Mudslide (i.e., mudflow) describes a condition where there is a river, flow or inundation of liquid mud down a hillside usually as a result of a dual condition of loss of brush cover, and the subsequent accumulation of water on the ground preceded by a period of unusually heavy or sustained rain. A mudslide (i.e., mudflow) may occur as a distinct phenomenon while a landslide is in progress, and will be recognized as such by the Administrator only if the mudflow, and not the landslide, is the proximate cause of damage that occurs.

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Increased Concern About A Possible Big Earthquake in California
Recent large earthquakes in Samoa, Indonesia plus the increased seismic activity in the Inyo County of California has many concerned about the predicted "Big One." The US geological survey "USGS" predicts there is a 99% chance that a 6.7 or greater earthquake will hit California within the next 30 years.

Protect your commercial clients and your E&O by giving them an A&M earthquake quote today. A&M has excellent markets that are open for commercial earthquake business in all zones.

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Link to the USGS Report

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Why Every Employer Needs Employment Practices Liability Insurance Today

Today’s economy has forced every business, large and small, to consider ways to decrease their cost of doing business.  Reducing payroll in many cases is the only way to stay in business.

When this is done and employees are laid off, the potential of employee claims of discrimination is greatly increased, especially by the older higher paid employees.  Finding a new job in today’s economy is difficult and this also increases potential discrimination suits by laid off employees. 

Discrimination litigation is expensive. A recent Insurance trade publication reported a Chubb survey that stated the average cost including judgments, settlements, fines and legal fees of an EPL related event as $63,114 and it reported actual costs from $45,000 to $600,000. The same survey indicated that 63% of companies do not currently have Employment Practices Liability Insurance. 

A recent article in Business Insurance, titled Age Bias Charges Surge as Firms Shed Workers, confirmed this and stated, “as layoffs have abounded during the recession, employers should brace themselves for more age discrimination lawsuits as many older workers’ who have been laid off have the attitude that they have little to lose by filing a claim.”

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reported age discrimination charges filed by employees increased 28.7% in 2008 from fiscal 2007. The cumulative number of 2009 layoffs in the U.S. from January through August totals 1.07 million and the numbers continue to grow.  Even without increasing layoffs, EPL litigation is expected to increase for the following reasons. U.S Supreme Court decisions have widened employee liability as have our California courts.  Our current administration in Washington has a strong pro labor position. These factors are making it easier for employees to bring successful discrimination claims.

In addition to giving your clients protection in case of an employee claim, most EPL carriers offer a “hot line” service, which can help prevent claims.  This service gives your client advice on how to handle a potential employee problem.  Most small and medium sized employers do not have the resources to have a separate Human Resource Department and this service alone can be worth the premium cost of an EPLI policy.

You now have the opportunity to make additional commission as well as protecting yourself from an E&O claim by quoting Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) to every commercial account you insure.  It also provides a good talking point for new commercial accounts you are now working on if they don’t currently have EPLI.  Failure to provide coverage is one of the leading causes of claims against insurance agents and brokers and by proposing EPLI, you can eliminate this exposure.  If they decide not to purchase this very important coverage, have your insureds acknowledge your recommendation and their decision not to carry EPLI coverage. 

How about you?  Do you have EPLI coverage?  If you don’t, it is time to protect yourself.

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Anderson & Murison Supports Youth Soccer
For the second year, A&M has sponsored the Silver Package for Region 2 of the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) for girls U12.  In addition, Michelle Coe, our Operations Manager, and Michele Hagmann, our Web Administrator, have become certified (AYSO) referees and will be working on the soccer field this season.  The daughters of Michelle Coe and Kris Pappas, Victoria and Shianne, are up and coming soccer stars for their respective teams this season.

National Roller-Skating Championship
Amanda Alcorn, 14 year old daughter of  Melissa Alcorn, A&M’s vice president and commercial manager, won a Gold Medal and a Silver Medal for artistic roller-skating in the “National Roller-Skating Championship” Competition this past August. She won the Gold Medal in the “Team Event” category by skating with her “Team-In-Sync” in the Junior Precision Team Class. They had competition with teams from all over the country. 

She also won a Silver Medal in the “Senior World Class Small Show Group Event,” which also qualifies her to skate in the “World Roller-Skating Championship Competition” in Portugal in 2010.  She has been skating competitively for the past year and has also won gold medals in individual events such as the Freestyle class at the California State games last July.  This skating season, she plans to focus on her individual events including Freestyle, Creative Solo, Dance and Figures.

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