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Heavy rainstorms and severe weather are big topics of discussion. Protect your clients and your E&O by offering flood coverage on each account. A&M makes it easy with Flood EZ- APP

Experts expect floods and mudflows as record rainfall continues into the spring. The National Flood Insurance Program covers flood and mudflow as defined in the policy:

"A river of liquid and flowing mud on the surfaces of normally dry land areas, as when earth is carried by a current of water. Other earth movements, such as landslide, slope failure, or a saturated soil mass moving by liquidity down a slope, are not mudflows."

NFIP limits are $250,000 building $100,000 contents. We can offer higher limits.

There is a 30-day waiting period before a flood insurance policy can become effective. Now is the time to apply for coverage!

For more information, please call 800.234.6977 Ext. 260 or email us at

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